The owners of the Vienna, Virginia house where the painting was to be housed, decided to redo much of this mid-1960's house including a new main entry, gutting the kitchen and dining/living room area and making it one large kitchen and eating area, and adding a fourth level master bedroom, project room and master bathroom. What started out as a 'house built around a painting' has suddenly taken on a life of its own to accomodate this couple's six (6) grown children when and if they ever visit. The original split level style will hardly be recognized when all construction is completed. By this time the viewer and reader might wonder why this family decided to buy, build and redo a painting, house and atmosphere. The reason is that a painting that was purchased in 1869 when the husband's great-grandfather was only 25, needs to be shown. When his Austrian mother was alive she would say 'don't do something stupid like buy a 10' by 12' painting...if you want to waste your money give it to a museum which has room to show it'. Being a first generation American, he and his wife decided that it was important to keep the painting in the family and make it available to be shown to family, friends and those who appreciate the works of Peter Janssen. And why not upgrade an older home to enjoy one's 'maturing' years and a painting that takes your breath away.